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ISO certification

We provide ISO certification audits, fast and tailored to your needs. As an accredited and internationally recognised certification company, PRO-CERT conducts certification audits in accordance with internationally accepted ISO and other standards.


Please visit our Training section for a wide range of training courses on international ISO standards, management system related topics and other technical areas.

ISO recertification

Are you considering a switch to a different certification body? Do you want to save money, streamline the audit process and get added value from audits? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We will take care of all the related formalities.


PRO-CERT s.r.o. is an independent certification company providing management system certification services. We specialise in quality management systems according to CSN EN ISO 9001, environmental management systems according to CSN EN ISO 14001, occupational health and safety management systems according to CSN OHSAS 18001 and information security management systems according to CSN ISO/IEC 27001.

PRO-CERT s.r.o. was established to provide customised certification services with added value for the client. Our services are designed for organisations of all types and sizes operating in various industries. We will be happy to prepare an individual offer to certify your management system. Because we want you to be fully satisfied with our services, we always pay attention to your specific requirements.

Our auditors are qualified in both management systems and the industries our clients operate in. Besides qualifications, we also place great emphasis on personal qualities of our auditors and other collaborators to ensure the certification process is as professional and efficient as possible.

We make sure our services are affordable, believing that audit fees must be proportionate to the benefit the audit brings to the client.
We offer attractive rates for first-time certifications and currently certified businesses wanting to switch their certification body.

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